Tuesday Part 2

After our exciting morning at the hospital, we headed back to the house where we are staying for a little R&R before the big Red Sox game.

What can I say?  Fenway is so awesome! There are loads to see and do outside the stadium and I really think there isn’t a bad seat in the place.  Ken went the extra mile and scored us extra good seats with an excellent view of home plate. 





The atmosphere there was fun and exciting and they even have a suite open for kids to go meet the mascot the green monster Wally. It had loads of games and things for kiddos to do.  Ellie even got a first timers pack which included real soil from the stadium. She was extremely excited. 



 We ate hot dogs , drank coke and a few beers.  We sang Take Me Out to the Ballpark and Sweet Caroline.  The Red Sox played a close game against the Nationals but in the end pulled out a win.  Nothing more exciting then being at a game where the home time wins (unless you are rooting for the other team which we weren’t)!


Ellie ate and drank all she could before and was tucked in tight by midnight in preparation for her big day the next day. 

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