Mother’s Day Weekend 2014

The Thursday before Mother’s Day Ellie had her first over night field trip to the Dairy Farm Adventure Center here in Singapore. It was only about 20 min from their school but they went on a bus and had to have everything for camping out overnight.  There were dorms for them to sleep in but no cots or beds just wooden floors.  Lots of “risk taking” adventures were had and she made it home Friday afternoon full of stories.  The only down point was the rain and thunderstorms caused a few activities to be cut short so instead of doing four things Ellie was only able to do one.

While Ellie was risk taking I was at Sadie’s school for a Mother’s Day celebration.  The kiddos sung to us in Chinese and in English presented us with a paper rose, a necklace they made and a picture they drew of us.

Saturday was spent with Ellie at a birthday party at Snow CIty sledding and Ken, Sadie and I enjoying the Chinese Gardens and the Live Turtle Museum.

Sunday was a beautiful day in every sense of the word.  It started with me sleeping in until 7:45 and then getting up and going to breakfast. Ken found a very neat French bakery and cafe not far from us.  We had a lovely breakfast at Choupinette complete with French toast and chocolate donuts.

After breakfast we went to Sentosa to Palawan Beach.  We hung out at the Bora Bora Beach Club, laid on beach chairs, had frosty tropical drinks, played in the sand and surf and just enjoyed being together.

Late afternoon,  sun kissed and high on vitamin D,  we went to friends for Mother’s Day drinks and socializing.

It was pretty much a prefect Mother’s Day.  I’m a very lucky lady and I couldn’t have asked for more from my two girls and husband.


My favorite flower of all time is the Tulip. The many different colors the beautiful smell.  I love that they have a season when they bloom.  Its like you can’t take them for granted because soon they will be gone.  The stems seem so thick and sturdy but if you don’t treat them well they will droop.  I had them in my wedding and Ken and I did a babymoon  to the Keukenhof when we lived in England right before Ellie was born to see the tulip fields in all their glory.

When I found out that Gardens By The Bay was doing a tulipmania with more than 50,000 tulip bulbs so excited.

I made everyone pack into the car to go see the splendor.  We started the adventure with Satay by the Bay. 

We filled our bellies before the visual feast. Then walked over to the Flower Dome.

There were arts and craft tables before we entered the Flower Dome where the girls made paper windmills.

The first thing that hit you when you entered the flower dome was the smell.  The perfume of 50,000 tulips is beautiful and unforgettable. Then you actually see it.  The site is truly  breathtaking. The colors and textures almost over whelming.

I was in my glory and could have stayed there all day even with all the crazy crowds.

I’m so glad we are luckily enough to live in a city that once a year imports tulips half way around the world so that Asia can enjoy the splendor of tulip season.  Sigh…

Easter in Asia

The holidays that are made a big deal are a wee bit different when you live in Asia.  For example, Valentines Day not a big deal, Chinese New Year off the hook.  Easter falls in between.

You get good Friday off of work and can find a few things for Easter baskets.  There was an Easter egg hunt in our complex and many places did special Easter brunches.

The girls awoke to baskets from the Easter bunny (at 5:15 a.m.) and went to the Easter egg hunts.  We had a birthday party in the middle of the day but we did watch a video on Easter and why we celebrate it.  I think our first Asian Easter wasn’t too shabby.

I’ll be home for Christmas

I wasn’t totally sure that I was going to be able to say that this year.  Ken and the girls left on December 18 to fly back to the States but the doctors wouldn’t release me until my counts went up.  Originally they were saying I could leave on Dec. 24.  Christmas Eve? Really?  After I put up a fight, they finally said I could leave on the 21st.  I made it home to my parents in time to meet up with Ken who had been with his Mom.

The whole gang were all there together in Virginia for the holiday.  We did the annual Hutchens family Christmas party and ate so much that I gained back all the weight I lost while having the Dengue.

We even got caught up in the epic Polar Vortex.  Ken made it back but the girls and I extended our vacation by a week until we could fly home.  It wasn’t a hardship having another week in the States we got loads of family time but it was very cold.

The girls and I made it back home on the early hours of the 12th after 30 hours of traveling.  Basically in one piece.

IMG_4401 IMG_4398 IMG_4406 IMG_4405

CHRISTMAS AT BARRYS DEC 2013 042[3] 1531733_10200917157642652_1576202568_n


Our first Halloween in Singapore we weren’t really sure what to expect.  Did they go all out like we do in the States or is it really no big deal.  We found out it was a combination of the two. In fact, it was very much like going out on Halloween in the States except it was a hot 88 degrees ( I remember a Halloween not too long ago where we were Trick or Treating in the snow) and we were going up to apartments in groups of kids instead of houses. Also the candy was different.  Chocolate melts in the heat and is also expensive to buy so there was very little chocolate in the trick or treat buckets. It was mostly hard candy, suckers, and gummy candies that were given out.  All of this keep Mommy and Daddy from having to “test” the candy and any late night after the girls went to bed raids of the buckets.

Our complex, like many around here, organized a trick or treat event.  They had you sign up for trick or treating and for giving out candy that way they knew how many kids and which apartments would actually be apart of the candy giving. This was really nice because we knew exactly which buildings and floors to go.

All the kiddos and parents met in the main reception area and there was a parade of costumes.  All the kiddos lined up and marched by showing off all the costumes.  I was surprised at how many kiddos there actually were.

IMG_0610 DSCN1489 Ellie once again made the decision on what her and Sadie were going to be.  Ellie went for Kiki, one of her favorite characters from the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Sadie was Kiki’s black cat. By far one of the easiest costume years so far and they both looked really cute.

DSCN1483 DSCN1487 IMG_0601We trick or treated and enjoyed the festivities.


IMG_0611 IMG_0606 IMG_0608Two funniest things heard on Halloween night:

Ken got home from work and announced he needed “to go put on my Halloween shorts” and a friend of ours who dressed up like Batman announced that “Halloween costumes bought in America are not Singapore friendly” because of the heat.  Both of which really brought home to me that even thought we were Trick or Treating like every year, we now live very close to the Equator.